The Naughty Chair


Children need discipline, they need structure, and need to feel secure in order to grow up to be responsible and respectable members of society.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

So often today we see so many children who lack respect for others. They are hurtful, they fall into things no child should be a part of, and they are broken.

As Christian parents we must raise our children with a Christ like outlook and attitude. Parents today are told through various media outlets and even other parents that discipline is bad. So parents are afraid to parent. A lack of discipline for a child is not love.

A good parent will teach their child when they are doing something that is not good for them, why? Because we love them.

Even Jesus gives us loving discipline. Why? Because he loves us. He is a good, kind and loving father. A child for a time may not like, appreciate or even understand why they are being disciplined, but if we let our children run rampant, and do whatever they want whenever they  want the consequences to them could be dire.

Love your child, be their parent, not their friend. Your children need you, they need direction. If they don’t get it from you they will inevitably learn through pain and heartache, and a tumultuous life that leads to difficulty.

My girls have what we like to call the “Naughty Chair”. It is bright red and plastic and just the right size. When they see the Naughty Chair come out they immediately know they have made a mistake. I put my girls in the Naughty Chair to teach them that their behavior is not o.k. and is harmful to them or others.

Maybe some of us parents need to be put in God’s Naughty Chair? Maybe we need a time out to stop and think about how our parenting is impacting our children.


Love your children, be their Parent. Not their friend.


About ChristineWelker

Christine Welker is the Children's Pastor at Lake Stevens Assembly of God in Lake Stevens Washington. Together with her husband, she ministers to children and their parents. They have three daughters and believe in the spiritual health of the whole family in addition to fostering the spiritual growth of children.
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